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 Pictures are provided to give you ideas of packages and provide inspiration. As you will see no two mums are alike - your design will vary and be made especially for you - fonts, designer ribbon, and activity cut-outs are custom-made and therefore will vary.


Pictures include standard packages and add-ons.


Our deluxe mum package is designed for those who want more details, braids, and bling along with a boa but do not want the mega-sized homecoming mum. While the standard options make for a spectacular mum as designed, this level is perfect for those who want to customize with added glam, braids, and treatments without adding the mega sized flowers. Like the traditional package, deluxe mums come with the same HTV letters (no stickers) and custom cut-outs. The deluxe mum includes the standard military braid with the option to upgrade to draped or wavy.


Included in the RG Deluxe Mum:

  • 7.5” or 9.5" Single Flower, 7.5" Double, Triple and Quad Options
  • Double Ribbon Looped Border
  • 6” Basic Bear OR Double Layer Monogram OR other custom cutout
  • Asymmetrical 36" boa on ONE side for single and double mums (with option to add second boa).
  • Symetrical two 36" boas standard for triple and deluxe mums with option for asymmetrical if desired
  • 36” Solid Base Ribbons in School Colors
  • 3 - 36" Imprint Ribbons in Skirt
  • Custom Cut Single--Layer Homecoming Loop Letters 
  • 2 Custom Double Layer Name and/or Activity Cutouts
  • 2 Specialty Ribbon with Bows, Tulle, Layered Ribbon or Bling (custom to each mum)
  • 1 Class Ribbon
  • Homecoming Year Date or Senior Cutout
  • 1 Single Military Braid
  • 2 Custom Braids
  • 3 Cutouts (size varies)
  • Trinkets and/or Bows (varies by design)
  • Bells included (if desired)








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