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Homecoming 101

Welcome to all things HOCO! We believe ordering your mum or garter should be fun & effortless. This page is for everyone - those new to this crazy, yet amazing Texas tradition to the HOCO expert who knows exactly what they want. For those ordering from us for the first time we recommend reading through this entire section. For our repeat customers, feel free to use the shortcut links below to answer any questions you may have about the ordering process. After reading through, visit our products page for descriptions, pictures and inspiration. We look forward to creating your dream homecoming mum or garter.

If you still have questions, we would love to chat with you at the link below or you can e-mail us at

  • Are there standard mum sizes by grade level?
    Homecoming tradition revolves around an increasing number of flowers in the crown for each grade level - Freshman (single), Sophomore (double), Juniors (triple) and Seniors (quad). We love this tradition as it allows for you to built on your HOCO experience each year if desired, but we also want each mum to represent the person wearing it. Many, including seniors, choose to go with one flower instead of the traditional number of flowers for their grade level especially those who love the supreme and ultimate glitz and glam without the mega Texas sized mum. As well, many choose to give their sweetheart a triple heart shaped mum no matter the grade.
  • What is the tradition on ribbon colors?
    Traditionally ribbon colors include school color ribbon for underclassmen and white & silver or gold accents for seniors. Most schools have a traditional accent color of either silver or gold and it is used in both underclassmen and senior mums and garters. If you do not know the accent color for your school, reach out to us. Senior ribbon colors are white with either a silver or gold accent. Some seniors choose to add an additional accent color, rose gold, or burlap to their mum but we have just as many that love the traditional white & silver or white & gold. We do not recommend underclassmen use senior colors as this is reserved for that special Senior year to go all out! When ordering you will see a drop down menu to find your school and ribbon colors along with the additional options for seniors.
  • Do garters follow the same flower traditions?
    Garters tend to be more of a reflection of the recipient rather than grade level for size and number of flowers. Our traditional and deluxe garters are most popular for freshmen and sophomores with single flowers while our supreme and ultimate garters offer multiple flower options and are perfect for juniors and seniors or those wanting to match the garter to an RG supreme or ultimate mum. As with our mums, we offer many packages to customize the garter for the recipient - we see all sizes for all grade levels - the best choice for garters is what best reflects the person wearing it.
  • What if my date goes to another school?
    No problem, the homecoming mum is still designed in the recipient's school colors. When choosing a homecoming date, please choose the date of the first HOCO to ensure it is ready for pictures.
  • When do I need to order my mum or garter?
    The simple answer is the earlier the better! Our mums & garters are custom made for each individual so we have a limited amount of spots for each homecoming week and they fill up fast! We open orders February 1st for the next season and senior spots begin filling quickly. Our Availabilty Calendar is updated throughout the season. All orders for Ultimate Mums must be placed prior to July 15, 2024. As well, after this date some customization options may not be available. This allows us to leave spots open for last minute orders until those spots are full.
  • How to I make sure I have a spot?
    Orders for 2024 will open Febraury 1, 2023. You do not have to know your homecoming date, more details can be added closer to your homecoming date. You can order your mum or garter now and pay your initial deposit (see payment options) and take advantage of early bird extras and we can finalize details such as name closer to homecoming (at least 14 days before). For seniors and ultimate orders we recommend completing your order before school starts to ensure all the options you want are available.
  • I would like to order a mum now, but what if someome asks me after or even last minute?
    Don't let that keep you from ordering, many times we are sold out within 14 days of homecoming (or sooner) and we don't want our customers to be left without a mum or garter. If you know you want a mum regardless of a date, we recommend placing your order as early as possible to ensure you have a spot. If you have a date closer to HOCO, just explain you ordered early and let them know we can coordinate a matching mum or garter. This is very common, especially for senior girls who order their custom mums in the Spring and Summer prior to senior year. Also, ordering your mum prior to July 1st, holds a spot for a coordinating garter if needed (up to 7 days before homecoming). This is used often and always appreciated as most professional mum makers are sold out well before time. And remember, we are moms and we have teenagers - we get things happen last minute - minor name changes/additions can be done if notified within 7 days of homecoming.
  • What is the last day to order?
    Due to the time involved to make each mum or garter, custom orders completed within 7 days of your homecoming (if still available) will incur a late charge.
  • Are there basic options for every package?
    Yes, we have four different levels of packages for both mums and garters - traditional, deluxe, supreme and ultimate Each package was designed to be perfect just how it is to fit a wide range of budgets, wants, and desired customization levels. In addition, each level has increasing standard options to choose from with all levels having the ability to add desired options to get to that perfect mum or garter for each individual. The best place to start is by reviewing our mum and garter packages to determine which is the best fit for you based on budget and design.
  • What are my flower options?
    Size and number of flowers are determined by each homecoming package.
  • What ribbon colors are available?
    Don't see your school colors or a custom senior ribbon you want - let us know and we will check our availability.
  • What braids come with my homecoming mum or garter?
    The number of braids varies by the homecoming package. Visit our homecoming mum and garter page for the number of braids in each package. You can visit our braids page to see a picture of each type of braid offered. The standard braids included on each mum or garter are designer's choice. Premium braids can only be purchased separately.
  • What are my boa options?
    We have several options for boas - asymmetrical (boa on one side of mum) or symmetrical (boa on both side of mum) AND single color or two-tone. Standard options of boas vary by homecoming package with the ability to upgrade to any boa option. Underclassmen boas are designer's choice of school colors with seniors being white, silver or gold. Senior custom color upgrades will have a coordinating color or white boa.
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