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Mini Mums 2.png

 Pictures are provided to give you ideas of packages and provide inspiration. As you will see no two mums are alike - your design will vary and be made especially for you - fonts, designer ribbon, and activity cut-outs are custom-made and therefore will vary.


Pictures include standard packages and add-ons.

Our mini mum package is perfect for elementary, middle school or those who want a small length mum.
Also popular for moms!


Included in the RG Mini Mum:

  • 5.5” or 7.5" Flower

  • Double Ribbon Looped Border

  • Activity/School Cutout

  • 12” or 18" Solid Base Ribbons in School Colors

  • 3 Imprint Ribbons in Skirt

  • Homecoming Year Cutout

  • Custom Cut Name Ribbon

  • Custom Cut School Ribbon

  • 2 Custom Braids

  • 2 Cutouts (size varies)

  • Bells included (if desired)






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