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The Ultimate Guide to Homecoming Imprint Ribbon: Design Options, Where to Buy & How to Order

Updated: Jul 3

After our Ultimate Guide to Homecoming Rbbon, this has been one of our most requsted posts. We are excited to dedicate an entire post to all things HOCO imprint ribbon including our favorite designs, where to buy, tips on the ordering process and how we currenlty use imprint ribbon in our homecoming mums & garters. Make sure to also check our our 2024 Imprint Ribbon Guide video to see all the beautiful ribbon!

Please note, this post is geared towards homecoming mum business owners so we are assuming you have a sales tax permit as required and will be buying wholesale. Don't worry, if you have found this post and are looking for imprint ribbon for your own DIY homecoming mum or garter, this post is still for you - most of the vendors listed also sell imprint ribbon directly to the public and many ship.

Are you new to this crazy, fun world of homecoming mums & garters or a new HOCO business owner? If so, we suggest you start with our Ultimate Guide to Homecoming Ribbon blog post and our Ultimate Guide to Homecoming Ribbon video where we explaing many of the ribbon choices and terminology we will be using in the post. You can join our newsletter to for homecoming mum business growth tips and DIY updates.

Where to buy ribbon for Texas Homecoming Mum
Ultimate Homecoming Imprint Ribbon Guide

This post will focus primarily on the three factors that go into us choosing imprint ribbon for our mums & garters: pattern designs, foil/ribbon color combos, and availablity or processing time. We are not affiliated with any of these ribbon suppliers mentioned in this post. All the options are our honest reviews and tips based on our experience and are completely our own opinion.

We order the majority of our imprint ribbon prior to the season starting every January-May. The reason for this is processing time can vary beacuse it is a custom process and unlike solid color ribbon is usually custom made after your purchase.

All of our current imprint ribbon is printed on McGinley gold label ribbon although some vendors will also print on Reliant ribbon if requested. We have noted those below. We bought our first imprint ribbon on McGinley satin silver label (soft pink and french lavender) this year and although we were happy with the imprint itself, we did not like the overall look as much on the silver label ribbon. We still love it once on our mums but we still dream of the day when we have more ribbon color choices to imprint!

Is Homecoming Imprint Ribbon Right for your Business?

Imprint ribbon is not right for every homecoming mum business. Texas is a very big state and with it comes a variety in demand for different sizes, styles, and cost of mums. Imprint ribbon, because of the foil, machines, labor and custom nature of the design can be up 6 to 8 times more expensive (depending on size) than regular homecoming mum & garter ribbon in solid colors. Due to the cost it is not right for every mum or every market. In the DFW area, we have a more of a diverse range of wants and desires for different levels of homecoming mums than some areas. Due to this, we provide four levels of homecoming mums with the top two levels providing the most customization options including imprint ribbon. We include imprint ribbon throughout both our supreme and ultimate lines. As our business has grown our supreme and ultimate lines have become a higher percentage of our overall business (we guess everyone loves imprint as much as us) and for this reason, our imprint inventory continues to grow and expand each year to provide variety to our clients.

What Size Ribbon is Best for Imprint

This is very much preference, but for our business, we primarily use number 5 and number 9 ribbon for our homecoming mums & garters. We love number 3 imprint as well, however, it is more limited because to find a pattern that will print crisp and clean on a smaller width ribbon makes it more limited. We do have a few favorites though and mention it in our 2024 Ultimate Imprint Ribbon Video.

Border Homecoming Loops for Pink Senior HOCO Mum
Pink Senior Homecoming Mum with Border Imprint Ribbon on HOCO Loops

As well, we do order some of the border prints in number 16 ribbon for homecoming loops. We know many mum makers who also order number 40 in the border imprint - we just love to use 16 and layer a solid or diamond dust number 40 behind it instead since we feel like we get just as much impact with a number 16 ribbon versus a number 40 ribbon. This allows us to order white or black border print in a number 16 and then layer many other solid color choices in a number 40.

We use both the number 5 and number 9 ribbon for braiding and for layering of loops. While number 5 is used way more often in braids, we do use the number 9 in our bubble gum, quilted bubble gum, Texas champion, intertwine &

corset braids. We also use the number 5 and 9 as top layers in our homecoming loops & specialty ribbon loops.

Cheerleader Homecoming Mum & Garter with Imprint Ribbon
Number 9 Imprint Ribbon for Cheer Homecoming Mum

Decorative Pattern Options

It seems like the pattern options are endless and ever-changing. Our suggestion would be if you are just beginning in adding imprint ribbon to your homecoming mum business to start with a pattern you can use for both mums & garters. We love the way it brings a matching set together. As your business grows, you can begin adding patterns that would tailor more to either a mum or garter. Of course, if you are a DIY crafter, choose the pattern you love the most!

Sports/Activity/School Imprint

For the most part, we purchase number 9 ribbon for our sport and imprint ribbon for our busiiness which we use in skirts and to add details on our specialty ribbons and backer loops. We do occassionally purchase simple, repeat patterns in number 5 of common sports for braiding in our supreme and ultimate lines. You can see a an example picture above.

How to Make a Homecoming Mum Skirt
Using Imprint Ribbon in Homecoming Mum & Garter Skirts

We would suggest you take the same approach with activity sport imprint as the decorative patterns mentioned above and purchase those for the sports/activities you see the most. Of course, football is always a good place to start because it can go on any mum for football HOCO season. As a DIY crafter, football is great as well or you can often purchase sports/activity ribbon by the yard for specific activities or school names and mascots for use in your own mums and garters.

Foil and Ribbon Combos: Where to Start

As business owners, we are lucky to have so many foil and ribbon color options but with all these choices comes the challenge of deciding which is the best for your business. When starting out it is best to think about which ribbon color/foil combo you use for the majority of your homecoming mums & garters.

Pink Senior Homecoming Mum
White Ribbon with Silver Foil Imprint on Senior Homecoming Mum

For most, this is going to be white & your most common accent color (silver or gold). After that other popular choices would be black and your common accent colors or maybe your most common school color ribbon with white imprint. We make mums for many schools and it varies from year to year, although we do have our top schools that are consistent every year. You may be like us and create for many schools or you may have one school you focus on and if that is the case it might benefit you to begin with some school colored ribbon/foil color combos that matches your primary school. For example, we love black ribbon/green foil and since two of our larger schools are these colors we are beginning to add this color combo to our inventory.

Another good option for starting out is to go with a clear mylar imprint ribbon with either white, silver or gold foil that you can layer over your solid color homecoming mum ribbon. It looks amazing layered over diamond dust as well. Below is a picture of a clear imprint ribbon design layered on top of navy/white ribbon.

Navy White and Silver Homecoming Garter
Homecoming Garter with Clear Mylar Imprint Ribbon

One thing to keep in mind when ordering foil imprint in colors is it may not match the ribbon color you are using exactly or may add too much of one color to a mum or garter if using your normal ribbon color percentages. We go through and show some of this in our imprint video to give you a visual of how certain foil colors and ribbon colors look together. For example, we ordered this black ribbon with red imprint and it is amazing looking, however when we began braiding with it, we did not like how the red foil imprint looked against the McGinley gold label holiday red on an actual mum. All was not lost though, we did some designing and actually fell in love with the look of this ribbon when using the imprint alongside only black and white solid colored ribbon. We feel it really creates a unique look. Of course, design is personal and you may love this imprint with red ribbon, we tell this story just to give you an idea of things to think about when ordering imprint ribbon and the design challenges but oh so fun options that go along with adding imprint ribbon to your designs.

Black with Red Foil Imprint Ribbon
Using Different Colored Foil Imprint Ribbon on Homecoming Mums & Garters

When to Order Imprint Ribbon

Imprint ribbon is usually the first thing we begin looking at restocking each season. We evaluate what schools have grown in the volume of mums ordered that we need to add additional colors and also look at what needs to be replinished of our favorite patterns. We try to add new varities and patterns each year as well as look at new color combinations. As mentioned, processing time can vary from supplier to supplies and time of year, so we always like to order at leaast 6 weeks before we need it for HOCO prep season. A word of caution, imprint ribbon is beautiful and new patterns come out often. You can find yourself ordering way more than you originally thought so set yourself a budget before you start looking.

Where to Buy Homecoming Imprint Ribbon

If you have decided that you would like to begin incorporating imprint ribbon into your designs, you probably are wondering where is the best place to purchase. We buy almost all of our imprint ribbon online in 100 yard rolls through the same vendors we purchase our solid color homecoming ribbon. We will also list some places to purchase imprint ribbon if you are looking for smaller quantities or for an individual mum or garter for yourself.

We do not go into a lot of detail here on patterns because it is ever changing but will list a few of our favorites at each one and we also keep you updated on our Homecoming Ribbon playist on YouTube as we receive or learn about new patterns. Ordering imprint ribbon can be overwhelming for the first time so we have also included ordering tips and direct links for products on each website.

Since pricing can change we will not go into pricing in this blog post. We suggest researching each vendor and see which best fits your needs regarding patterns, ribbon/foil colors, price, availability and store location. As we said in our Ultimate HOCO Ribbon Guide, remember time is money :). Another tip, we try to order our imprint ribbon at the same time we order our large solid ribbon orders so we can maximize shipping or pickup directly.

You can purchase wholesale and retail online from the following vendors. We use and love all of these imprint ribbon suppliers for various reasons so they are in no particular order. To be honest, patterns, ribbon/foil colors, and processing time and/or availability play the biggest roll in our choices. Each year we add new patterns from all three of these online vendors - and sttruggle not to hit that 'place order' button as each one brings out amazing new patterns throughout the year!

Craftwerks Ribbon

Craftwerks Ribbon is located in Boerne, Texas and recently acquired Creative Ribbon which includes an expanded number of imprint ribbon designs. They now have over 10,000 plate designs including a large variety of school specific imprint ribbon in various design patterns. They offer imprint ribbon in both one color and two color designs on McGinley lustre gold label and clear mylar. Craftwerks offers imprint ribbon in smaller quantities and by the yard in their showroom in Boerne, TX so it is a great option for local DIY crafters. You can have your ordered shipped or pick it up in their showroom.

New for 2024, in addition to all the new designs, Craftwerks Ribbon has introduced imprint on both metallic and diamond dust ribbon in limited patterns and sizes. We have ordered our diamond dust imprint and can't wait to start designing! We are also excited to try the new soft gold foil imprint to see how well it goes with the soft gold diamond dust we use. You can check out our 2024 shopping haul from Craftwerks here, including diamond dust imprint, clear mylar imprint and two color imprint.

Rose Gold Senior Homecoming Mum
Rose Gold Senior Homecoming Mum with Imprint Ribbon

We love the pretty, grounded, and because patterns and diamondback is a great choice for a mum/garter combo. We love using Craftwerk Ribbon's rose gold imprint because it has more of a pink tint to it and looks amazing with Reliant ribbon quartz. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Ordering Tips

Click here to go directly to the imprint ribbon section of their website. The ribbon colors shown on the website are McGinley lustre gold label. If you would prefer something printed on Reliant ribbon, please contact them for availability. When you shop on the website you will see links at the top to different catalogs of products in a pdf format to order by plate number. If you wish to order patterns from the pdf catalog you can choose the custom imprint ribbon (one color) or custom imprint ribbon (two color) on the main imprint page and then enter your desired plate number (usually beginning with ACS or CUS). The middle section of the page has 4 sections followed by some new designs and all of the imprint designs in these sections you can add directly to your cart. They are working on merging these two together but for now make sure to check both places when looking for designs. If you are looking at adding school specific ribbon the mascot/school catalog contains eight pattern designs to choose from followed by the different school/mascot options broken into categories - you will combine these together to get your complete plate number. In our 2024 shopping haul video we walk you through ordering school specific mascot imprint ribbon. The end of the catalog provides you with a list of the school specific plates and ribbon sizes available based on the eight pattern options. We always start here and work our way backwards so as not to fall in love with something not available for the school we are looking for. We strongly suggest if you are ordering school specific ribbon for the first time to contact them before placing your order to make sure you have filled everything out correctly. If you have any questions during the ordering process just give them a call, Heather and her team are great!

L&M Wholesale

L&M Wholesale ( is located in Glen Rose, Texas. They have a wide selection of imprint ribbon from designer patterns in one and two color options to activity and school specific imprint ribbon. They also offer a clear imprint ribbon in a mimimum of 50 yard rolls in select patterns (contact them for more info). The ribbon colors shown on the website are McGinley gold label (and silver label if gold is not available). If you would prefer something printed on Reliant ribbon, please contact them for availability. L&M also offers imprint ribbon in smaller quantities and by the yard in their showroom. You can have your order shipped to you or pick up at their showroom location in Glen Rose, TX.

New for 2024, L&M is offering holographic foil options. You can see samples on our 2024 Imprint Ribbon video or contact them for more information. Holographic foil imprint is an additional $10 per roll. We are also very excited about the grey foil matte imprint - it looks amazing on white ribbon and we think will be perfect for senior garters against Reliant silver or McGinley pewter ribbon. We are also looking at adding the champagne imprint as well for coordinating with our soft gold diamond dust. Updates to follow once our 2024 order arrives!

Cheerleader Homecoming Mum Black Green Silver
Cheer Homecoming Mum with Black Ribbon and Silver Foil Imprint

Some of our favorite imprints from L&M are: elegance, la Crema, swirls (this is a great number 3 pattern), los diamantes, scroll and whimsical. We are in love with the new McGinley gold label silver grey color combined with a white matte imprint, makes for a very delicate look!

Ordering Tips

Click here to go directly to the imprint ribbon section of their website which can be found in the WHOLESALE RIBBON drop down under SHOP. To order the clear imprint, we suggest calling their store to get an update on what patterns are available and how to order as there are more options available than what is shown on the website. Melissa is very accomodating and sometimes will have options available they may not have had time to upload during the crazy mum season. For example, this awesome cheer imprint ribbon, she found when I called her (it is on the website now under cheer)!

The imprint ribbon page is divided into categories with most of the pattern designs under misc designs with the multiple colors separate. Until they are uploaded, if you want to order the new holographic imprint you can make a note when ordering and they will adjust your order the new foil color and the additional $10 price. We have found the best way to look for a specific pattern name, activity or school design is to use the search feature on the website. Sometimes using the search we will find a pattern we missed when going through all the other designs. Tip for reorders - we put the sku numbers on the back of our ribbon cards and use the search funtion when reordering.


MumsRUsandMore is located in Allen, Texas and offers shipping for imprint ribbon. We love all of their sharp, new imprint designs especially sports/activity ribbon. You can see the ones we ordered for 2024 on our Sport and Activity Imprint Video. The ribbon colors shown on the website are McGinley lustre gold label except for soft pink, french lavender and cyclamen which is only available in silver label. MumsRUs does not currently carry Reliant ribbon. They offer number 9 imprint ribbon in 25 yard options making it a great option for DIY crafters and business owners who want smaller quantities of this size, MumsRUs carries our favorite new 2024 McGinley lustre gold label color silver grey (previously only available in silver label) so we ordered it with silver imprint and LOVE it and know our seniors will too!

MumsRUs also offers printed HOMECOMING letters for individual HOCO loops on number 9 ribbon in silver & gold imprint for colored ribbon with additional foil colors available for white ribbon. They have a couple design options including just the letters made for 7" loops and a pattern design made for 6" loops. We stopped using stickers several years ago for HOCO letters but prefer to make our own HTV letters for font and color variety, however, if you don't want to make your own HOCO letters but want a non-sticker option this could be a good option for your business.

Pink White and Gold Senior Homecoming Mum
White with Gold Foil Imprint Ribbon on Pink Senior Homecoming Mum

Our all time favorite imprint design from MumsRUsandMore is open diamond which goes great on both mums and garters and coordinates well with many other imprint designs with a diamond pattern. We loved it so much we added it in black and navy with silver imprint this year! We also love quatrefoil for a very classic look. They also have a great new plaid imprint but it came out after our order so we will have to wait until next year. Marble is also a popular new imprint as well if you are looking for something unique and different.

Ordering Tips

Click here to go directly to their website and imprint ribbon can be found on the RIBBON drop down menu and is divided into categories by ribbon size. Under each ribbon size you will find the pattern design options available for that width of ribbon. Once you choose your ribbon color for a pattern design it will let you know the imprint foil options available for that ribbon color. Don't forget with number 9 ribbon to choose either 25 yards or 100 yards for your ribbon roll - the default is 25 yards so you will need to change it if ordering 100 yard rolls.

ACI Wholesale

ACI Wholesale located in Fort Worth, Texas also has a large selection of imprint and school specific design options. They offer clear imprint as well for pre-determined patterns if you have decided that is a good choice for your business or for DIY crafters. You will need to set up a wholesale account and they will send you a catalog along with all of the mascot choices. The pricing on their website is suggestd retail but once you are approved they will mail you a catalog with wholesale pricing informaiton. ACI carries gold and silver label McGinley. We personally have not used them, honestly, because they suggest ordering very early in the year Feb-March to guarantee you receive your custom imprint ribbon for homecoming season and we let time slip away and missed the date this year. It is in our calendar and we will look at it for 2025 homecoming as they do have some specific school mascots we will have to look at if it worth placing a small order or doing a custom plate from somewhere else. Speaking of custom plates.......

Custom Plates

What if even with all these amazing choices above your dream pattern or school specific design is not available? Each of the vendors listed above also have an option for custom plate designs for a one time fee. This is usually available Nov-Feb most years but contact each one to see as it can vary from year to year, the earlier the better.

The Sale Place

The Sale Place does not offer custom, made to order imprint ribbon but they do carry a good variety of sport, activity and class year ribbons in 25 yard rolls as well as by the yard making it a great option for DIY crafters. They also carry many ACI Wholesale products and ribbons you can purchase directly in the store. If buying wholsale, please refer to our Ultimate Ribbon Guide for specifcs on initially setting up your wholsale account before you go.

Since we are in the DFW area, we are more familiar with our local and online vendors and what they carry but have listed below other options throughout Texas. We would suggest calling prior to confirm what inventory they are currently carrying and prices. If you are another mum professional and have more detailed information on these vendors please contact us and we will update the information below. 

Other Retailers

Amistad - San Antonio - carries 100 yard imprint ribbon and by the yard pre-printed in many designs and color combinations. Please contact them for specifics

These are other ribbon vendors it would be worth calling to see if they are carrying imprint:

Southern Floral - Houston, Austin, & Corpus Christi - they carry McGinley silver label.

Travis Wholesale - San Antonio. They have a large supply of McGinley silver and gold label.

Crafttex - Houston area

The Ribbon Source - Houston - McGinley lustre (gold label)

Arnes Warehouse - Houston

We hope you found all the information useful in your business and know you are dreaming of all the design possiblities! If you have anything to add you think would help other fellow mum makers, please leave a comment below.

If you want to see how we store all this ribbon and our favorite tools Shop our Craf Room and see our favorite HOCO prep tools.

We would love to know your favorite designs, leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite imprint design or ribbon color/foil combination. As always, contact us with any questions.

Happy Creating (& Shopping),

Rayanne and Sabrina


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