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Behind the Scenes: Creating Our Zucker Feathers Showcase Mum for Dallas Market Show

We were honored to make a showcase mum for Zucker Feathers to include in the June 2024 Dallas Home & Gift Market show at Dallas Market Center. We had so much fun creating this mum we wanted to share a few close up pics and behind the scenes information including where we got many of the items to make this homecoming mum plus some of our favorite braid cominations and of course some amazing mirrored acrylics! You can find the boa used on this homecoming mum here

This post and photos contains some Amazon or other affiliate links for your convenience. If you purchase something through any link, we may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Read our full disclosure policy here. We only recommend things we use and love.

Showcase Homecoming Mum Red Black White Silver
Zucker Feather's Showcase Mum for Dallas Market Center Show

Red and Black Homecoming Mum Boa
Zucker Feathers Two Tone Homecoming Mum Boa

Of course the statement piece for this single 9.5" homecoming mum is the gorgeous red and black two tone boa from Zucker Feathers. We added a boa on each side and also included two boa poofs at the bottom of the twisted military whip and intertwine braids.

We love that little pop of color the boa poofs create at the bottom of the mum to help finish off the braids.

While the boas are amazing in themselves, we used our little boa fluffing technique and the Texas heat to take it to the next level. As a reminder, if using this technique make sure to test it out before doing a larger batch as some brands, especially those with fabric softerner do not work. Personally, we have never had any issues with our Zucker brand boas.

Triple Twisted Love Homecoming Mum Braid

While this homecoming mum is based on our single mum ultimate homecoming package, we jazzed it up with several premium braids including a triple twisted love braid made out of 3 different solid colors of number 3 ribbon and then twisted together.

We also included a twisted military around a whip braid. If you would like to recreate this braid, make sure to braid your military braid slightly tighter so it gets that natural curve to twist around the military braid. Of course, we finished off this braid with a boa poof for a pop of color.

As part of the feather theme, we used one of our favorite fonts from Creative Fabrica and combined it with a feather alphabet font using the letter O feather font for both of the letter Os in our HOCO loops.

Homecoming Mum Braid
Twisted Military Whip Braid

We love our Creative Fabrica membership as it allows us to download unlimited fonts and SVGs designs to use in our homecoming mum & garter loops and cutouts. It is always our go to place when looking for something fun and unique.

These homecoming loops were created using a custom imprint border ribbon in cresscent design from Craftwerks Ribbon and two layers of HTV.

You can find links to our favorite HTV vinyl here.

We apply our HTV vinyl on the heat press we recommend to all homecoming mum business owners but any heat press will work. If you are a DIY crafter who is making a small quantity of homecoming mum cutouts a Cricut mini heat press or HTV Ront mini heat press is all you need.

Intertwine and Double Bubblegum Homecoming Braids

In addition to our two premium braids, we also included one of our most popular braids the double bubblegum braid. We love layering an intertwine braid over it because it allows for the wider double bubblegum braid to show through.

To the right of these braids is a wavy military braid with mirrored acrylic feathers in the center of three bows.

Of course, it would not be a RG Mums homecoming mum without our signature specialty ribbons. Here you can see one of the three specialty ribbons with loops made out of mulitple widths of ribbons including this black with red foil imprint pattern, one of our favorite patterns from L&M Wholesale.

We order our imprint ribbon in number 5 and 9 to use in loops and braids. In this mum we only used white and black solid ribbon to go along with our red and black imprint ribbon.

We explain why we use these ribbon color choices here. You can also learn more about homecoming ribbon, the common sizes used and our favorite places to buy in our Ultimate Homecoming Ribbon Guide.

We did not do as many homecoming cutouts on this mum, instead we replaced them with a super jazzed up mirrored acrylic package.

Custom Feather Mirrored Acrylic for Homecoming Mum

These were custom made for us by our friend Jennifer Evanko, of IST Creates Designs. She created them using a complimentary heart shaped SVG package from Creative Fabrica and we love how amazing they looked and are pefect for finishing off our feather theme.

Custom Feather Mirrored Acrylic for Homecoming Mum

Mirrored acrylics are the new trend in homecoming mum design. They add so much shine and sparkle to your mums and also create a great keepsake to use as a keychain, zipper pull, or so much more once homecoming is over.

We are excited to begin offering custom mirrored acrylics for completed mum orders through July 15th of this year.

Look for more information in our next newsletter or contact us for more information.

Another new trend to add some color and sparkle to your homecoming bling is to layer a colored mirrored acrylic on top.

We added a beautiful square mirrored acrylic in bright red to every other one of this square bing which we turned to make a diamond shape. We love how it brings all the colors together.

IST Creates offers these mirrored acrylics to add to the top layer of your bling in various shapes and colors.

Colored Mirrored Acrylic for Homecoming Mum Bling

Thanks for walking through our Zucker Feathers showcase mum with us. Whether you are a RG Mums customer or DIY crafter looking for inspiration, we hope this mum gives you some ideas for designing or creating your dream homecoming mum.

If you have enjoyed this post, make sure to join our newsletter and follow us on Pinterest and YouTube for more mum ideas and inspiration.

Happy creating!

Rayanne & Sabrina


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